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This community hasn't been very active lately and I think I am partly at fault for that. Basically, when I got back from Afghanistan, my computer - along with all of my Johnny pictures - had been stolen. So I lost my entire collection (though it's on discs somewhere) and all the programs I had for making a website and whatnot. I've also been super busy. I recently purchased PSP and have started making icons and whatnot and have made a few of John.

Here are some teasers...

The rest can be found at my journal, here.

Feel free to use them as bases. Please credit me if you use them. Comments are appreciated!

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I just joined this community.. I'm a HUGE John Cusack fan and have been for a few years now. I just got done watching America's Sweethearts..and I was wondering if anyone has a still from the scene where Eddie and Kiki wake up together in bed and they both have the sheets over their mouths to hide their "morning breath." I was wanting to make an icon of it..

Thanks in advance! = ]]

and here's a picture. it's a classic, but oh well.
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